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The Emirati Cinema Campaign is an awareness project that was launched by Emirati film director Nawaf Al Janahi in 2014 to promote the Emirati film movement in particular, and the love of cinema in general.



You might wonder where to watch an Emirati film production, but before that you should know what to expect when we speak of Emirati cinema. The annual UAE cinematic production includes:

- Shorts

- Animations

- Documentaries

- Locally-made feature films

- Emirati-funded Arab and international films


The films produced in the UAE are made by filmmakers of Emirati nationality, as well as resident filmmakers of other nationalities. The UAE is a diverse country, and so is its cinema.


In addition, the UAE has become a preferred shooting location to an increasing number of foreign films, the most famous of which are "Mission: Impossible", and "Star Wars".



In light of the growing success achieved by Emirati cinema year after year, locally, regionally, and internationally, especially with the increasing number of local feature films, and the continuous efforts by both filmmakers and official bodies to develop the film sector and establish a solid film industry in the UAE, the ECC will work to achieve the following objectives:

1- Raise the public awareness of Emirati cinema, in all its diversity.

2- Enhance the interaction with films made in the UAE all year long.

3- Build more filmmaking careers.


The Emirati Cinema Campaign seeks in the long term to establish a continuous interactive base between the Emirati film movement and the society. It also aims at creating a link between the cinematic, cultural, educational, and various media entities in the country.



The campaign used different ways, traditional and non-traditional, to achieve its goals. One of these ways was a tour across the UAE, using a bicycle, and a flag with "Emirati Cinema" written on it.


For more information visit The Tour page.







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