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The UAE is busy with film activity around the year. To give you a better view, here is a list of all the most important different entities that make up the film movement in the country.


Production Companies

- Filmworks Group - Dubai

- Image Nation Abu Dhabi



- Arab Film Studio

- Enjaaz

- Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival - Documentary Grant

- Sanad (Stopped)



- Abu Dhabi Film Commission

- Dubai Film and TV Commission

- Dubai Studio City

- twofour54

- UAE National Film Library and Archive


Distribution Companies

- Empire International

- Front Row Filmed Entertainment

- Gulf Film

- VOX Distribution



- New York Film Academy - Abu Dhabi (Closed)

- New York University - Abu Dhabi

- SAE Institute - Dubai


Film Festivals

- Abu Dhabi Film Festival (Stopped)

- Abu Dhabi International Environmental Film Festival (Stopped)

- Children's International Film Festival

- Documentary Voices Film Festival (Stopped)

- Dubai International Film Festival

- Emirates Film Competition (Stopped)

- Gulf Film Festival (Stopped)

- Heritage Film Festival (Stopped)

- Imagine Science Abu Dhabi Film Festival

- Original Narrative Student Short Film Festival

- Science Film Festival

- Sharjah International Children Film Festival

- Zayed University Middle East Film Festival


Film Clubs

- Cinema Akil

- Cinema at The Space

- The Scene Club


NOTE: All in alphabetical order.



Whether you are a journalist, a filmmaker, or a film lover, to get your facts right you have only one place to go - the UAE National Film Library and Archive.


The UNFLA database covers all UAE-related film productions, including any:

- Film made by a UAE national

- Film made in UAE by a resident of the country

- Film funded by an Emirati entity

- Foreign film shot in UAE


If you are a filmmaker and your film is under one of these categories, it is best to send a copy of the completed film to UNFLA right away. Get archived now, and be part of UAE film history.








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