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The Emirati Cinema Campaign (ECC) was launched in an attempt to make cinema, with all of its aspects, part of our society's daily thought. Our mission is definitely not an easy one. Yet, it is the mission that could grow and make a better impact with every lover of the 7th art. With your contribution we will be able to achieve our goals in a shorter time, and with a wider scope.


Whether you are a filmmaker or not, here are 7 simple and very effective ways:



- Show "Emirati Cinema" behind the scenes on your locations.


In the Office

- Print "Emirati Cinema" on a paper and post it in your office.

- Use one of our wallpapers on your unit (free samples below).



- Invite everyone on your list to our page.

- Have one of our FB cover images as your own.

- Your likes, comments, and shares help the campaign reach more people.


Twitter and Instagram

- Use #EmiratiCinema hashtag on Twitter and Instagram with your applicable posts.


Help us spread the word to those around you in the UAE, and abroad.



Show your support for Emirati cinema by downloading the Emirati Cinema Campaign badge. Share this badge with your family and friends, and say cinema with us.


- iPhone wallpaper Download image
- Desktop wallpaper, 14" (1024 x 768) Download image
- Desktop wallpaper, 15" (1366 x 768) Download image
- Desktop wallpaper, 17" (1280 x 1024) Download image








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