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The UAE is busy with film screenings all year long. From main stream to independent films, from festivals to film clubs, you will find a diverse range of Emirati, Arab, and international titles. The following is a list of some places where you can find your taste.


Film Festivals

- Abu Dhabi Film Festival (Stopped)

- Abu Dhabi International Environmental Film Festival (Stopped)

- Children's International Film Festival

- Documentary Voices Film Festival (Stopped)

- Dubai International Film Festival

- Emirates Film Competition (Stopped)

- Gulf Film Festival (Stopped)

- Heritage Film Festival (Stopped)

- Imagine Science Abu Dhabi Film Festival

- Original Narrative Student Short Film Festival

- Science Film Festival

- Sharjah International Children Film Festival

- Zayed University Middle East Film Festival


Other Events

- Battle of the Best Short Film Festival

- European Film Screenings

- FrancOfilm Festival

- Middle East Film and Comic Con

- Reel Palestine

- WOW Film Fair Middle East


Film Clubs

- Cinema Akil

- Cinema at The Space

- The Scene Club


Commercial Theaters

- Cine Royal Cinema

- Novo Cinemas

- Reel Cinemas

- Roxy Cinemas

- VOX Cinemas


NOTE: All in alphabetical order.



With every Emirati film that gets released in the UAE commercial theaters, we encourage you to watch it, tell others about it, and express your opinion objectively. We believe that supporting and criticizing our locally-made films is a key to establish the foundation for a solid film industry in the UAE.


Here are the last 7 locally-made films released commercially in the UAE:

- "Only Men Go to the Grave" (2016) by Abdullah Al Kaabi, released 2017

- "Lisa" (2016) by Ahmed Zain, released 2017

- "Red Card" (2017) by Nasser Al Tamimi, released 2017

- "Dhihay in Thailand" (2017) by Rakan, released 2017

- "A Tale of Shadows" (2017) by Tariq Al Kazim, released 2017

- "Match" (2017) by Obaid Al Hmoudi, released 2017

- "Awar Qalb" (2018) by Jamal Salem, released 2018


Keep your eye on the next one.



The following are some facts most people don't know about cinema in the UAE.


- The first Emirati feature film locally-made is "Aber Sabeel" (1989), by Ali Al Abdool.

- The first Emirati feature film locally-made to be released theatrically in the UAE is "A Dream" (2005), by Hani Al Shaibani.

- The Emirati film movement started in 2002 from the Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi, with the Emirates Film Competition.

- Since 2010, the UAE is the biggest cinema market in the Arab world.

- UAE has about 400 screens.








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